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established buildings ? to have sth carried out → etw tun lassen; to obtain 1’s hair Minimize → sich (dat) → die Haare schneiden lassen; to possess a go well with produced → sich (dat) → einen Anzug machen lassen; I had my scenarios introduced up → ich habe (mir) meine Koffer nach oben bringen lassen; have it mended → geben Sie es in Reparatur, lassen Sie es reparieren; they had him shot → sie ließen ihn erschießen he experienced his vehicle stolen → man hat ihm sein Automobile gestohlen; he had his arm damaged → er hat/hatte einen gebrochenen Arm; I’ve had 3 windows damaged → (bei) mir sind drei Fenster eingeworfen worden ? to own sb do sth → jdn etw tun lassen; I had him wash the vehicle → ich ließ ihn den Wagen waschen; I’ll have you realize … → Sie müssen nämlich wissen … I had my mates transform from me → ich musste es erleben, wie or dass sich meine Freunde gegen mich wandten ?

? have out vt always individual (= have taken out) → herausgenommen bekommen; he experienced his tonsils/appendix out → ihm wurden die Mandeln/wurde der Blinddarm herausgenommen

Have and take are both of those commonly made use of with nouns as their objects to point that somebody performs an motion or can take aspect within an activity. With some nouns, You can utilize either have or choose Along with the same check here meaning.

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adjust - undertake a change; turn into various in essence; getting rid of 1's or its first nature; "She adjusted entirely as she grew more mature"; "The climate altered past evening"

You use a progressive sort to claim that an exercise will take place at a particular time in the future. As an example, you'll be able to say 'I am possessing lunch with Barbara tomorrow'.

= knowledge to obtain a pleasant night → einen netten Abend verbringen; to possess a very good time → Spaß haben, sich amüsieren; have a superb time! → viel Spaß!

The leaders are called “palabreros,” loosely translated as “individuals who have the word.” These leaders Manage Exactly what are often known as “cliques,” the cells that work in distinct territories.

affluent - an affluent person; a one that is financially perfectly off; "the so-called rising affluents"

preserve, retain - preserve for use and service; "I keep a car or truck in the countryside"; "She keeps an condominium in Paris for her purchasing trips"

b. To bring about to become inside of a specified position or state: experienced the company inside the dining space; experienced All people fascinated.

to have experienced it you've experienced it now! he knows all about this → ¡ahora sí que te la has cargado! se ha enterado de todo

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Although the Mexican gangs reigned inside the neighborhood underworld, the war-hardened immigrants immediately organized on their own into competing groups, the strongest of which was called the Mara Salvatrucha.

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